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How To Take Care of Makeup Brushes.-

By Niwrka P. - Brand Identity Designer | Skincare Professional.-

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Be honest and think of the last time you washed your makeup tools!

While applying makeup is fun and a form of expression, taking care of the application tools is often neglected. Creating stunning looks requires using well-made brushes; however, these must be correctly taken care of so they remain pristine.

This task can be pretty daunting, but it is essential. Not only do dirty makeup brushes perform poorly, but they can also cause breakouts. Therefore, taking proper care of your brushes benefits your skin and longevity.

Below are some of my favorites:

To keep your brushes clean, you should wash them every week.

When it comes to the brushes you use to apply liquids like foundation, liquid blush, etc., you should ideally wash them after every application. Still, I get it; no one has time for that!

  • I recommend at least every seven days, with one caveat if you are an acne sufferer, please wash your liquid application tools after every use.

  • A wet environment can lead to bacteria and other enemies; you want to ensure you are preventing it by keeping your implements clean.

  • Also, avoid storing your makeup application essentials in areas where the air is humid, like the bathroom.

  • You want your brushes to stay cool to prevent bacteria growth.

Easy-to-follow steps, to clean makeup brushes correctly.

1. To start, find either a mild shampoo or a brush cleanser. If the makeup is stubborn, you can add some liquid oil-based makeup remover to the mix to speed up the process also you can help yourself with a silicone brush mat especially if you have arthritis hands. Afterward, rewash with a mild shampoo to remove any residue.

2. Start by wetting the bristles of the brushes with room temperature water.

3. Liquid application brushes more than likely will require rest on a mixture of mild shampoo and water for a few minutes before shampooing; apply the shampoo to the bristles.

4. Work it into the bristles with your fingertips. You want to massage the entire length of the strands, not only the tips if using a silicone mat rub the bristles against the mat in a circular motion to loosen the makeup.

5. This will ensure that you get all the residue product out of the brush, the rule of thumb is to wash and re-wash them until the shampoo runs clean.

6. After adequately washing the brush bristles, rinse them with room temperature water.

Avoid hot water and any moisture reaching the ferrule (metal ring that holds the bristles) on a brush, as this can loosen the glue and cause damage.

7. Brushes should always point downward when left to rest in liquid or while rinsing, do not pull on the bristles.

8. Reshape the bristles by gently drying them with a soft towel because they will dry on that shape.

9. Dry them by laying them flat on a surface to air dry covering them with a tissue, or on a brush stand pointing downward.

10. Avoid drying them with a hair dryer as this will damage the shape of the bristles and will also weaken the glue.

It is a process, but once you get into the habit, it becomes straightforward.

Once dry, store them properly to maintain their shape, preferably in a drawer or enclosed container away from dust.

After the brushes are completely dry, you will be able to use them without worrying about potential breakouts.

Makeup brushes are a necessary tool for us makeup artists and everyday makeup wearers.

They are an investment, mainly when we use professional makeup brushes on clients or for personal use.

The goal here is to help you extend their life. By taking good care of them, we do just that!

As a bonus, we keep our skin healthy, breakout-free, and glowing!

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Until next time!

Peace, Love & Light!

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