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How Peptides Benefit My Skin.-

By: Niwrka P. - Skincare Professional | Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist.-

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Peptides are small versions of proteins known for their potential anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. While they’re known to reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process, most people often confuse them with proteins. For one, peptides do not have as many amino acids as them.

Thanks to their potential health benefits, many peptide-containing supplements today are derived either synthetically or from food. Some of the most popular ones include creatinine supplements for muscle building and collagen for skin health.

Here are all the potential benefits of peptides.

How Do Peptides Work?

It is in our 20s that the human growth hormones in our bodies are at their peak. This means they repair the damaged cells in our body.

However, as we age, there’s a high possibility that their functions begin to change or deteriorate. After all, they cannot delay the process of aging forever. In fact, they can also alleviate certain issues, which will be stated below. This is where the benefits of peptides come in.

Once you turn 30, your body’s human growth hormones begin to decrease. They manifest in the form of wrinkles, reduced energy, and the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Human growth hormone peptides play a vital role in maintaining healthy body composition and increasing fat metabolism. This means that as we age, it works as a fool-proof strategy to increase our vital proteins and help in keeping our skin younger and youthful.

Benefits of Peptides

A Slower Process of Aging

A common protein found in our nails, hair, and skin is nonetheless collagen. However, collagen peptides are much more easily absorbed in our body since they’re broken down proteins. Hence, they may slow the aging process and improve your skin health if appropriately consumed. On the other hand, they may also assist in the production of a pigment called melanin which solely protects our skin from sun damage.

Better Wound Healing

One of the highly sought-after benefits of peptides is their ability to improve the wound healing process. Since collagen is a crucial component of your skin, its peptides can assist in healing wounds faster. Then, there are also certain bioactive peptides known to have antioxidants and the ability to reduce inflammation.

Since there isn’t much research on antimicrobial peptides, nothing can be concluded about their effect on the skin. However, there have been concerns about the potential risk of their contribution to skin disorders such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

While some people use peptides for building muscle strength, others use collagen peptides to slow down their aging process.

All in all, the benefits of peptides definitely outweigh the side effects.

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