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How To Color Correct The Right Way.-

By Niwrka P. - Brand Identity Designer | Skincare Professional.

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There is no denying that recent years have been a lot about sleepless nights; Well, thanks, Covid! When busy is your default state, sleep seems like a luxury.

You wake up with designer bags and dark circles underneath your eyes.

Time to pull the tricks!

Game-changing products that give you a "believe it until you achieve it" look become your BFF. And for the 70's & 80's kids-translation: Best Friend For Ever.

A hero always comes to the rescue when you have sleep-deprived nights, dark circles, or an announced blemish; yes, we're talking about color correctors!

Note: Several factors cause dark circles and bags underneath your eyes. We will discuss this topic further in another post.

Now Let's continue, Shall we?!

  • Color correctors are offered in various colors to balance, even out the complexion, and conceal scars and blemishes.

  • Are available in multiple colors and are suited for all skin tones.

  • Great at covering beautiful panda eyes (dark circles), pigmentation, scars, and blemishes.

  • These are lightweight on the skin but don't apply too much, or they will feel otherwise.

How do color correctors work?

Remember the color wheel we learned about in elementary school?

It lies in the basic principle of color theory.

Colors that sit opposite on the color wheel cancel each other out; the same idea applies to color correctors.

Another mistake people make is not choosing the right color.

To help you understand better, I have put together this handy guide:
  • Salmon/Peach: Neutralizes dark circles & purple tones, particularly those with fair/light skin.

  • Green: Counteracts redness in the skin.

  • Lavender: Neutralizes sallowness and yellow tones.

  • Blue: Cancels out orange tones and veins.

  • Yellow: Corrects dark sunspots and reddish-purple spots and reduces pigmentation.

  • Orange: Cancels out deep blue tones and neutralizes dark circles, particularly those with darker skin tones.

  • Red: Cancels out dark circles, scars, and pigmentation. Suitable for Dark to Deep Complexion.

And before you start playing Picasso in front of your vanity mirror, check the list below of a few favorites. Enjoy! Click on the list to see the complete list!

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Until next time!

Peace, Love & Light!

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Author: Niwrka P.

Is A Content Creator | Skincare Professional | Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry.-

Passionate about Esthetics and sharing knowledge.-