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5 Best Hair Colors for Fall.-

By: Niwrka P. - Skincare Professional | Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist.-

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When was the last time you considered revamping your wardrobe or throwing away that outdated stack of lipsticks in your vanity? Or when was the last time you changed something about your appearance?

The onset of a different season always calls for change, and your hair color is no exception to the rule.

What better time than fall to unpack those cozy sweaters from the back of the closet, add some moody and vampy shades to your vanity, and get your new hair color? Keeping up with trends can sometimes be daunting, especially amid busy schedules.

Undoubtedly, summer and spring are all about funky tones and sun-kissed strands. Still, fall demands something different, perhaps transitioning into warmer and cozier tones.

So, what can you expect to see this coming fall season? Here are the five best hair colors for fall.

5 Best Hair Colors for Fall

Remember, choosing the direction for your new look is always a highly personal decision. For many, fall is an invitation to bring a certain level of sophistication to your face. However, for some, it’s all about getting a whole new color palette to start the season off.

Since noticeable changes in one’s complexion and wardrobe during the season, people usually opt for deeper hair colors to go with paler skin tones.

Nonetheless, change is change, and it doesn’t always have to have strict standards or a list of rules to abide by.

Whether warm, deep, or bright tones, the ultimate decision is yours. Here are some of the most beautiful hair color ideas for the upcoming season.

Shadow Roots

It’s time to showcase your natural grow-out with this popular technique that requires the colorist to go over the top portion of your highlights. By adding a shade between the lighter ends and natural hair color, your stylist can help you get rid of crazy maintenance rituals in between color sessions.

Furthermore, a smooth transition to your natural shade can be achieved without breaking your bank.

The best part about this trend is that it works on any highlighted look, such as blond, red, and even brunette, without highlights. However, have your colorist start an inch from the roots to achieve the best results.

Light Mushroom (ashy tones)

Now you may wonder why this color always has to make it to the list of the best hair colors for fall. For one, this trend is timeless and can never go out of style, especially for brunettes.

Not only can it be worn by many different skin tones, but it is also versatile in many other aspects.

Furthermore, it serves as a decent segue to conceal your previously highlighted hair only when done correctly. This may require more than just a single visit but the gorgeous dimension it adds to your face and hair is something you can’t afford to miss.

Deep Brunette

Dramatic, rich brunettes can stand out in absolutely any season. However, the charm they add to your appearance in fall is unmatched by anything else.

This deep shade can easily seep into purple and even blue-tinted ravens, making the color’s vibrancy more apparent. This almost velvet-like shade can stand out as an elegant statement, thanks to the ultra-high shine it provides.

If you wish to take that shine up a notch, make sure to use a boar bristle brush from your mid-lengths to ends.

Copper Red Panels with Dark Brown

The best hair colors for fall don’t always have to be warm and cozy. If your priority is an ultra-chic and edgy hair color, go for red copper panels immediately.

To achieve even better results, pair them up with a dark brown shade, and you’ll be able to fashion a whole new look.

Most natural brunettes often opt for the same combination to gloss their hair in a fun way. However, do not be mistaken.

Copper tones always manage to exude those flattering fall vibes to perfectly match your autumn closet and give your appearance a nice contrast.

Honey Wheat Blond

Sometimes, all you need is the right balance of colors to achieve a pitch-perfect natural blond shade. Honey wheat blond is when you realize that you can also choose a shade between cool and warm tones instead of going in extreme directions.

So, what is that magical color that doesn’t go on either side of the spectrum but also goes on both?

Enter: Honey wheat blonde.

This one can’t go wrong. The color has a strange yet wonderful ability to diffuse with your natural hair.

This way, you’re not stripped of your originality. Still, simultaneously, you get to see a surprisingly new contrast against the natural color. It is the perfect announcement of “I just got something done in a salon” without appearing too different.

The Bottom Line

Everyone yearns to make a brand new impression with a boosted sense of energy as soon as a new season arrives, and fall is no different; In fact, Fall is my favorite season! and I love to change my hair color like I change my nails colors!

The days, in the beginning, are like the pilot episode of a new season. You want to appear fresh and unique without stripping your hair of its originality.

Communicating to the world that you’re ready for a change is best done through either a fresh haircut or a color that revamps your appearance but keeps your persona intact.

Now that the buzz around the best hair colors for fall has already begun, go ahead have fun and go for a fresh, new look, that will turn heads, the point is that you love it every time you walk by the mirror!

A good turn-of-the-season change is perfect for presenting yourself in a new light and don't forget to shine bright!

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Until Next Time!

Peace, Love & Light!

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