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For over a decade, I have been dedicated to helping people feel more confident in their own skin. Being a Licensed Esthetician and specializing as a Skincare Professional and Make-Up Artist has allowed me to do just that.​ 

My passion is skincare, makeup, and beauty in general. I love sharing the valuable knowledge, tips, and tricks I have acquired through working in the industry for so long. 


As a busy mom, I know quite well how we tend to forget ourselves with daily life; that's why to me is very important to practice self-care. Yoga and meditation help keep me grounded and balanced; these allow me to apply a more holistic approach to my services. I also believe in the importance of always enjoying what you like- so chocolate, tea, and coffee are a few of my favorites, and I make sure to have these available!


I’m here to help you get that glow back and answer any beauty questions you might have.

Content Creator | Licensed Esthetician | Skincare Professional | Makeup Artist

  • I am an active member of the Associated Skincare Professionals (ASCP) Esthetician Association.

  • Background in Business Administration & Customer Service.

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish which makes me able to render services in both languages.


more about me

Passion Piece: Could you tell my readers a few words about yourself?


Niwrka: I have been a Licensed Esthetician since 2012; I’m a mother, a Content Creator, a Beauty Blogger, Photography Enthusiast, a Dancer, an RA Warrior, and much more.

Now let’s go way back: 

I was born on the beautiful Island Dominican Republic. During my high school years, I studied the English Language formally, not knowing that one day the USA would be my home, and it has been since 2008; nothing in life is a coincidence.

I graduated from college with a business degree.

Throughout my time in the USA, my favorite state has been Virginia; because of the beautiful scenery and perfect weather, you can enjoy seasons that are not extreme. 

Passion Piece: You’re a Licensed Esthetician specializing as a Skincare Professional and Make-Up Artist. What made you focus on the field of beauty?

Niwrka: It all started in high school and the Eyebrows; I had always done my eyebrows and my friend’s eyebrows at that time, and that’s how the love for practicing beauty started. Side joke: I went to a catholic school, and we were not allowed to wear makeup, but I remember we would sneak red lipstick in our pockets and wear it just for recess; we had two breaks at school; I’m laughing so hard while telling you this…

I have always loved makeup; I consider it art I use to create and express myself. In my opinion, the face is a reusable canvas where you can create art and express your mood, style, and personality; I decided to take it further, which is why I studied skincare while residing in Florida. The more I learned about skin, the more I loved it, and suddenly I was invested in it; reading about ingredients and formulations has always fascinated me.

The composition of a cosmetic well formulated is like magic in a bottle that will create a transformation in due time.

Passion Piece: What makes women beautiful? Which aspects should they focus on to highlight their natural potential?

Niwrka: Everybody is beautiful; as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Your natural potential should continuously be enhanced by confidence; feel good about who you are.

Be authentic, be yourself. Be Confident; nothing will make you more beautiful than Confidence.

There is no one like you; you are unique.


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